But this kind of stuff is happening beneath the federal surfaceacross all the states as we speak.So, I'm wondering, what can he do about it?KRISTEN HAWN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Yes, I think that having -- having aplan on a federal level is what we have been lacking. (END VIDEO CLIP)HOGAN: Another sign of potential relief is the vaccine around the corner.But medical experts say this will only work if the country buys in as awhole.While millions of people will likely need to wait until the spring for theshot, some remain skeptical. We're getting from The NewYork Times a report that Pfizer may not be able to provide more of itsvaccine to the U.S. until at least June of next year, due to a commitmentto some other countries.Keep in mind that this has formally not been passed for emergency use bythe FDA. On Jan. 22, Michigan Gov. Some COVID-19 restrictions are set to be lifted in Michigan this weekend. SOLD JUN 1, 2022. After declines in several metrics, including a 70% reduction in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per million, Gov. The state has also started a certification program for establishments to get their ventilation systems inspected and optimized for airflow. MDHHS continues to urge families to avoid indoor gatherings or to pick a single other household to interact with consistent withguidance already released by the department. Justin Winslow, the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association president welcomed the "overdue news.". Restaurants were closed during the Thanksgivingseason. Indoor residential gatherings, which were capped at 10 people, can include no more than two households. Iron Pig Smokehouse never complied with the November 2020 COVID order, and always allowed indoor dining, for which the restaurant was issued a citation and a $5,000 fine on Dec. 1, 2020. Restaurants, now operating at 50% capacity, must halt dine-in service inside. Gretchen Whitmer's administration on Sunday ordered high schools and colleges to stop in-person classes, closed restaurants to indoor dining and suspended organized sports Indoor dining will resume with restrictions on Monday. Market data provided by Factset. Home to an array of public health programs, initiatives and interventions aimed at improving the health and well-being of women, infants, families and communities. Licensing information for Adult Foster Care and Homes for the Aged, Child Day Care Facilities, Child Caring Institutions, Children's Foster Care Homes, Child Placing Agencies, Juvenile Court Operated Facilities and Children's or Adult Foster Care Camps. (iStock . OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, January 8, 2023 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. For Sale: Single Family home, $349,900, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 1,723 Sqft, $203/Sqft, at 2073 Sierra St, Melbourne, FL 32935 They'recertainly not going to trust institutions in this moment. My staff cannot survive. Please update to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to experience all features Michigan.gov has to offer. To find information on each state's limits for indoor dining capacity, table size, mask requirements, and other COVID-19-related protocols, 24/7 Tempo consulted the National Restaurant . This includes the J.C. Penney location at Lakeside Mall in Michigan. We did offer mandates.We went beyond even to keep people safe.So, like Joe said, the science to us shows that 4 percent, 4.2 percent iscoming out of restaurants. There will be no restrictions on outdoor gatherings. The new order will last three weeks, until Sunday, Feb. 21. Information about audits conducted by the Office of Audit. Do you --I mean, I know it sounds desperate, but it's desperate.I mean, it's desperate. The new order will last three weeks, untilSunday, Feb. 21. According to Michigan.Gov, there have been 607,437 cases of COVID-19 throughout the state of Michigan and 15,774 deaths as of March 13, 2021. Gov. There's over100,000 restaurants that aren't coming back. By Feb. 15, this same group must be fully vaccinated. Review. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. A proposed bill in the Michigan Senate that would set out a plan for COVID-19 restrictions would mean the end of indoor dining under the positivity rate the state is seeing right now.a Copyright 2020 ASC Services II Media, LLC. They needevery single vote to count.CAVUTO: Yes.CARTER: At the same time, you have got a lot of conservatives who areconcerned about what the president is saying. We willendthispandemictogether., We are pleased to see the improvements in case rates, hospitalizations and percent positivity that have allowed us to reopen more activities, said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health at MDHHS. It's not -- it'skind of in keeping with some general public surveys on this.Andy, thank you on that.Meantime, want to take you to Georgia when we come back. So, whatever spike ishappening is not attributable to the restaurant industry.We have been closed. 2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. As you know,there's a run-off election there on January 5. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)CAVUTO: All right, president-elect Biden is busy wrapping up his Cabinetpicks right now. MORE NEWS: Stellantis Reports Drop in Sales in 2022. . The order will allow for indoor dining at restaurants with certain requirements; concessions at casinos, movie theaters and stadiums; personal services requiring mask removal; and non-residential . I have had people from England call me. Outdoor. Information on child support services for participants and partners. More than4,400 New Yorkers are hospitalized. And if you put yourself in leadership,your heart has to be for the people.CAVUTO: I have seen many videos provided by people whose business wasaffected by this.This was so powerful because you were revealing something of a doublestandard that few people were aware of right next door. I think the factthat Donald Trump went down there, gave the people of Georgia his supportand hope again, showed how important their votes were means that they'regoing to be more likely to show up on January 5, and they're going to vote.If he did not do this, if he did not energize his base, they might verywell have stayed home. It now seems to be very,very split. Lansing Indoor dining at restaurants and bars in Michigan will resume on Feb. 1, 75 days after it was suspended amid a surge in COVID-19 infections. Ft. 405 N Wabash Ave #3105, Chicago, IL 60611. It's -- yes, it'sCAVUTO: Whoa.You know what is weird about it, though, guys? Restaurant owners Joe and Rosalie Vicari tell 'Your World' restrictions not based on science. MLS# VALO2042140. Increasing utilization of UWB . As of Tuesday, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has suspended the licenses of 37 establishments. Nearby homes similar to 535 N Michigan Ave #2008 have recently sold between $175K to $400K at an average of $315 per square foot. Check In / / . And that explains a lot. Sixty percent trust the science here, but 39percent of Americans say they will not take this vaccine.Dr. But, again, in theend, it's a decision they will have to make for themselves. Information & resources for Community and Faith-Based partners. Michigan Gov. You might have heard a thingor two about it. All rights reserved. He was so close to not having to have a run-off.And when you look at Loeffler Warnock, that's also very, very close, verydifferent race there. Anthony Fauci says, for there not to be any more community spread, weneed to see about 75 to 80 percent of Americans buying in and taking thisvaccine to have an umbrella of protection -- Neil.CAVUTO: All right, Alex, thank you very, very much, Alex Hogan in New Yorkon that.I want to take you to Michigan and some developments there that they arewatching, because they are extending some restrictions that directly affectbusinesses and restaurants, almost right until Christmas, December 20, tobe exact, 12 days added to a partial shutdown, that affect everything fromretail establishments, restaurants, all the way to schools, and how much inperson training and classroom activity they can allow.We have got Joe Vicari here, Rosalie Vicari. You look at the Perdue race, Perdue won by a very narrow marginin the general election before the run-off. LANSING, Mich. - Michigan Gov. Andhere in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the city will seeadditional restrictions if the spread continues to spiral out of control. The working plan is to open indoor dining with mitigation measures, capacity limits and a curfew on. Outdoor tents with four sides are allowed. It helped to keep our customers and our employees safe.And we did everything the governor asked us to do. Still closed: Indoor dining at restaurants Bars Indoor fitness classes like yoga, dance, cycling or gymnastics "So, it sounds to me, Joe, that we might get no proof the virus spreadduring Thanksgiving, but, out of an abundance of precaution, she could bepushing you to the brink.J. Please update to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to experience all features Michigan.gov has to offer. The National Restaurant Association, 500,000 restaurantsand every business are in -- quote -- "economic freefall"; 87 percent offull services are down 36 percent in sales; 59 percent of senior laborcosts go up; 58 percent still have furloughs, 17 percent of the industry,110,000 restaurants, probably permanently closed.She's not alone. The Michigan health department's next epidemic order allows the sale and consumption of concessions at restaurants, casinos, movie theaters, and stadiums. The average person in the lower class, themiddle class, you can't crush them to try to save others and pit us againsteach other. 1 Bed. That's not the virus. Strict rules on re-opening indoor dining have many in the industry fuming with 25 percent capacity and a curfew in place for Feb. 1. MICHIGAN Michigan high schools will be allowed to resume in-person instruction Jan. 18, according to a state order amended Friday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Go to Materials for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Care Providers, Direct Care Workers: Communications Toolkit, Go to COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance and Educational Resources, Go to Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities, Go to COVID-19 Therapeutics Information Page. Good luck!!" And that is when it comes to stimulus, which is suddenlylooking, well, more stimulating, or at least more promising.What do you know, Mike? The health department's order also continues a temporary ban on contact sports indoors. (CBS DETROIT) - In Michigan starting Feb. 1, restaurants and bars can reopen for indoor dining at 25 percent capacity with a curfew. Michigan Extends Indoor Dining Closure With No End to Restrictions in Sight Under a new gradual reopening plan, indoor service at restaurants and bars is unlikely to resume anytime soon. Families are encouraged to stay homeas much as possible to maintain momentum and to protect loved ones. Due to government restrictions my Ludington camping plans changed several times. (END VIDEOTAPE)CAVUTO: All right, I think you know why she has now become the mostwatched, scrutinized, played, and replayed restaurant owner in the world.Now find out the impact -- after this. I think we can work them out. Michigan continues to be a national leader in fighting this virus,and wemustcontinueworking tokeepit that way. So,open up the empty hospitals. Tables must be six feet apart with no more than six people per table. Legislation policy and planning information. Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging Services Administration, Immunization Info for Families & Providers, Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance Program, Go to Child Welfare Medical and Behavioral Health Resources, Formula Updates and Shortage Information for WIC Clients, Go to Children's Special Health Care Services, General Information For Families About CSHCS, Go to Emergency Relief: Home, Utilities & Burial, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education, Go to Low-income Households Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP), Go to Children's & Adult Protective Services, Go to Children's Trust Fund - Abuse Prevention, Bureau of Emergency Preparedness, EMS, and Systems of Care, Division of Emergency Preparedness & Response, Infant Safe Sleep for EMS Agencies and Fire Departments, Go to Adult Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability, Behavioral Health Information Sharing & Privacy, Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders, Cardiovascular Health, Nutrition & Physical Activity, Office of Equity and Minority Health (OEMH), Communicable Disease Information and Resources, Mother Infant Health & Equity Improvement Plan (MIHEIP), Michigan Perinatal Quality Collaborative (MI PQC), Mother Infant Health & Equity Collaborative (MIHEC) Meetings, Go to Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records, Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission, Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities, Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging, Nursing Home Workforce Stabilization Council, Guy Thompson Parent Advisory Council (GTPAC), Strengthening Our Focus on Children & Families, Supports for Working with Youth Who Identify as LGBTQ, Go to Contractor and Subrecipient Resources, Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) Grant Program, Nurse Aide Training and Testing Reimbursement Forms and Instructions, MI Kids Now Student Loan Repayment Program, Michigan Opioid Treatment Access Loan Repayment Program, Trauma Facility Verification and Designation, MI Interagency Migrant Services Committee, Go to Protect MiFamily -Title IV-E Waiver, Students in Energy Efficiency-Related Field, Go to Community & Volunteer Opportunities, Go to Reports & Statistics - Health Services, Other Chronic Disease & Injury Control Data, Nondiscrimination Statement (No discriminacion), 2022-2024 Social Determinants of Health Strategy, Go to Reports & Statistics - Human Services, guidance already released by the department. Concessions can also resume at casinos, movie theaters. We had a furlough,layoff, 700 employees. MDHHS continues to urge families to avoid indoor gatherings or to pick a single other household to interact with consistent withguidance already released by the department. He's still a long way from done, but a very crucial one inthe health care arena, and particularly how that grouping now would dealwith these latest spikes in cases that could likely extend pastInauguration Day in January.Let's get the latest from Jacqui Heinrich, with the former vice presidentin Wilmington, Delaware -- Jacqui.JACQUI HEINRICH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Good afternoon, Neil.President-elect Joe Biden's choice to head up Health and Human Services maybring a pause in pressure to select Latino leaders for Cabinet positions.Biden tapped Xavier Becerra, bringing praise from Democrats and somecriticism from Republicans.The Congressional Hispanic Caucus praised the choice, calling Becerra achampion for working families who's lived the American dream. The MDHHS has issued and rescinded the "Gatherings and Face Mask Order" several times since. They have determined that theoutcome of that race has not changed. Contact: Lynn Sutfin, 517-241-2112. How do we know this?Pre-election, Nancy Pelosi was handed a deal by President Trump. Information on the Food Assistance Program, eligibility requirements, and other food resources. Information on the Children's Foster Care program and becoming a Foster Parent. LANSING, Mich. (AP) Gov. One indoor and one outdoor. Our wedding was supposed to be for 200 people June 5 but we decided to cancel the large wedding and have something smaller outside. (END VIDEO CLIP)EMANUEL: But compared to the $2 trillion-plus package Speaker Nancy Pelosiwas seeking or the $1.8 trillion package that Treasury Secretary SteveMnuchin was negotiating with her before the election, this is a muchsmaller agreement, and at this point doesn't have direct payments to theAmerican people. And you know what?I'm going to take you straight to the politicians, specifically the GavinNewsoms the a Nancy Pelosis of the world. (END VIDEO CLIP)SERRIE: In a separate debate, Georgia's other Republican Senator DavidPerdue chose not to participate, so he was represented by an empty podium,as his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, fielded questions alone.And today is the deadline for new voters to register in time for thoseJanuary 5 Senate run-offs. January 22, 2021 Gretchen Whitmer said the state is aiming to resume indoor dining at restaurants in February after a spike in COVID-19 cases late last year sparked a ban of. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' (MDHHS) Division of Environmental Health (DEH) uses the best available science to reduce, eliminate, or prevent harm from environmental, chemical, and physical hazards. Legal Statement. Even with these requirements, indoor dining remains high-risk. As before, employees who work in jobs that cannot be performed from home can continue to go to work, while employees who can work from home should continue to do so. Once certified, the MI COVID-19 Safer Dining program will feature restaurants that have received a certification. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)CAVUTO: Yes, Virginia, there could be a Christmas present regarding aCOVID relief package to the tune of close to a trillion dollars, wherethey're suddenly finding common ground.Now can they find a common calendar in time to do it? SOLD JUN 14, 2022. A judge in the 46th Circuit Court of Otsego County ruled that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) restrictions on indoor dining were unconstitutional. Gretchen Whitmer announced Friday. Gretchen Whitmer apologized Sunday after she was caught dining maskless indoors with a dozen people, violating her own COVID restrictions. There may be a stimulus check, but that would be part of adifferent piece of legislation. Legal Statement. Concessions at casinos, movie theaters and stadiums, as well as personal services requiring mask removal will be able to resume as well. / CW50 Detroit. Judge Colin Hunter wrote in a decision Thursday that the emergency "Gathering and Face Masks Order" issued by then-MDHHS Director Robert Gordon in November 2020 was "clearly an unconstitutional delegation of power from the Legislative to the Executive Branch.". So it's frustrating for all of us.CAVUTO: I imagine it is, because everyone I talk to says that you have thebest food going. Children's Special Health Care Services information and FAQ's. They're nothappening in what seem to be the target zones for shutting things down.Nevertheless, she said, when she made this announcement -- quoting here --"Hope is on the horizon. And the FDA isbeginning deliberations right now to decide whether Pfizer's treatment andeven Moderna's down the road warrants getting it out for emergency useright now.Keep in mind, in the United Kingdom and Bahrain, it is out there foremergency use. We have a lotof work to do and just a few days to do it. its indoor mask mandate April 22, just four days after it had been reinstated. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)CAVUTO: All right, we are getting word right now from president-elect JoeBiden that he could announce his pick for U.S. defense secretary on Friday,not a gimme, but that Reuters is reporting at least that's the goal, andthat he could name his attorney general as soon as this week, presumablybefore Friday.We will keep you posted on that, as he rapidly begins to assemble his teamto take over on January 20 of next yearTo Mike Emanuel in Washington right now on things that are being puttogether by the lame-duck session of Congress before the president-electtakes over. . Prevention of diseases & conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many others. Gretchen Whitmer announced. Two webinars will be hosted on Monday, Jan. 25 to provide additional information about the Safer Dining certification program one at noon for HVAC contractors interested in conducting inspections and one at 3 p.m. for food service establishments interested in becoming certified. Information on the Children's Protective Services Program, child abuse reporting procedures, and help for parents in caring for their children. If I could show you the stories and the homeless,and I have -- Neil, I had a homeless man jump through my to-go window.CAVUTO: Oh, man.MARSDEN: I know a bartender whose son was just robbed in their front yardby gunpoint. The hard-hit restaurant industrybracing for another blow.In California, a video went viral this weekend of a woman pointing to herclosed outdoor dining area and just feet away the outdoor dining tents forwhat she said was a movie crew.California Governor Gavin Newsom today addressed business owners who arestruggling because of these restrictions. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Information on treatment and services for juvenile offenders, success stories, and more. She's very affected. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)GOV. So, guys, this is OK?ANSBRO: Absolutely. Bars (Indoor): OPEN at 100%. MI COVID-19 Safer Dining certified bars and restaurants have taken extra steps to make dining safer. Information on the Family Independence Program, State Disability Assistance, SSI, Refugee, and other cash assistance. But it was ahigher power. During the press conference it was announced MDHHS is issuing a three-week epidemic order that takes effect at 12:01 AM on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. You maynot alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies ofthe content. Buthe says the key to getting this done is Senate Majority Leader MitchMcConnell allowing the Senate to vote on a bipartisan $908 billion package. I apologize for that.Some breaking news I want to pass along as well. And he is unqualified to lead HHS. Yes.And this is some news that we have been gathering quite literally withinthe last few seconds here. (LAUGHTER)CAVUTO: But you are now. There's going to be this big White House summiton vaccine distribution tomorrow, the who's-who who you might expect, thepresident, the vice president, members of Operation Warp Speed involved,some members from within the industry as it relates to distribution,members of Operation Warp Speed, et cetera.However, we have also learned quite literally in the last few seconds herethat the representatives, the top representatives from Pfizer and fromModerna will not be at this vaccine summit tomorrow. Families are encouraged to stay homeas much as possible to maintain momentum and to protect loved ones. This is a problem on manylevels. So, this is a fraction of a fraction.But what did you make of it?ANDY ANSBRO, PRESIDENT, UNIFORMED FIREFIGHTERS ASSOCIATION: Well, we feelthat the date was actually pretty on target. In the coming weeks, diners will be able to check back here to see which restaurants in their communities are participating in the program. In addition to the declines in cases per million rates, the hospital capacity dedicated to COVID-19 patients is at 9.9% and the positivity rate is at 6.8%. LANSING, Mich. - Indoor dining remains on track to resume in Michigan restaurants and bars beginning Feb. 1 with added restrictions. Michigan Gov. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Outdoor. (END VIDEO CLIP)CAVUTO: All right, now, you have seen a lot of Angela Marsden.And I know a lot of you are saying, well, why do they keep playing thisagain and again? VICARI: Yes.R. 7 min read. The MDHHS could attempt to appeal the decision to a higher court and the smokehouse even joked about the possibility. Michigan Gov. "Tyrants will tyrant. Gretchen Whitmer and state health officials said Wednesday indoor exercise classes and some non-contact sports . The epidemic order continues to temporarily pause indoor contact sports and other venues and activities where participants have close physical contacts and are not consistently masked, like water parks. They -- ourMichigan Restaurant and Lodging Association has already seen 2,000permanent closures of restaurants. Driver arrested after running out of gas on I-94, calling 911 to report being shot at, Mother, 2 sons found dead in overgrown field in Pontiac; 10-year-old girl hospitalized with hypothermia, Man arrested in fatal shooting of Detroit mother; charged with murder, armed robbery. From Jan. 16-31, indoor group fitness classes and indoor non-contact sports are allowed to resume with masks. What do you think?GIANNO CALDWELL, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes. On Black Friday,after they shut me down, I went to the mall, no temperature check, noplastic face shields, no gloves. It's an abuse of power. This will allow for additional attendance at high school football finals being hosted this weekend. View more information about this property on Homesnap. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)MARSDEN: The community is going to be destroyed, just destroyed, fromunemployment, to suicide rates, to businesses being shuttered, to homelessdoubling, tripling.I mean, I'm not a politician. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. or redistributed. The order will allowfor indoor dining at restaurants with certain requirements; concessions at casinos, movie theaters and stadiums; personal services requiring mask removal; and non-residential gatherings of up to 10 people from two households. Nearby homes similar to 2039 Michigan Ave NE have recently sold between $399K to $2,750K at an average of $470 per square foot. The efforts we have made together to protect our families, frontline workers and hospitals have dramatically reduced cases and we have saved lives," said Whitmer in a press release. But it's not an obligation by my members toget it.So what I'm advocating for is my members to get all the information,educate themselves on the vaccine, the pros and the cons. 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