I think like most people here I'm just a motorcycle enthusiast, I love old bikes. Janus claims a 90mph top speed. << 6. that isnt seen from most other companies out there. The saddles quilted leather, not too old, but quilted. View seller's store: UtahWIS. Shipping and taxes calculated at checkout. When Worsham moved to Indiana for school, he brought an Italian moped along. /Type /ExtGState It has about 14 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 70 mph. I watched several of their YouTube maintenance videos and came to the same conclusion. Make time for the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, in Auburn, Indiana, which houses a collection of more than 120 vintage vehicles. << The company says the bikes' curb weights are about 260 lb (120 kg) for the Halcyon and 265 lb (120 kg) for the Phoenix . The bike is specially made for children, so they will finally be proud to ride something else besides a scooter. >> The Janus SWM variant has Athena fuel injection and mapping, along with a few other touches for more power and reliability. 2021 CAN-AM Spyder RT SE6 Petrol Metallic. Opens in a new window or tab. The company was founded by Devin Biek and Richard Worsham and they are still heavily involved in the business to this day. /Prev 855131 /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding directly to their driveway. The design was appropriated by several Chinese factories with little appreciation for intellectual property rights and they actually improved it, boring it out to 229 cc and adding a balance shaft. Which Their Designs Are Very Much Influenced By The Past, 8. Miller helped design the afterburners used in the SR71, so he was in well under his head. Kentucky is I'm sure you know it's known for its horses. Yeah, 14hp means it's best as a bike for around town or to rip down a country road on. How much are Janus motorcycles? endobj Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS and Sena Momentum Helmet. /CharSet They were originally farmers, but prized self-sufficiency, so they served as their own blacksmiths and carriage-builders, and eventually got really good at it. Devin and Richard sold a handful of those, mostly to collectors, but they knew that their dream of creating a real motorcycle company was contingent on getting an EPA certificate, and their two-stroke moped motors were never going to qualify. Richard and Devin ended up finding another importer, bringing in dirt bikes with 229 cc motors that managed to clear EPA standards and with metallurgy and manufacturing tolerances that they liked even better. While they started off their production with the original Halcyon model, the team at Janus Motorcycles has since added two more options into the mix. The Janus bikes do harken back to a simpler motorcycle era, when the experience was more about man and machine, and about when it was personal, when hand-crafted artistry held sway over electronic intervention, rider aids and pure power. Our favorite way to spend Saturday morningsJanus Discovery Daysare back for 2020! Several big motor home and travel trailer builders, based in northern Indiana, began outsourcing component production those small Amish shops. Don't know anything about Janus other than what I've seen on here, but I hope they're successful and they're able to grow and become a real competitor in the motorcycle market. If Janus makes it where Buell, Brammo, Motus, and Alta (to name just a few) have failed, it may be because they grew out of a moped shop. /FontName /ALBHPG+FreightSansProMedium-Regular The Honda Monkey for next year was scheduled to be released in the next model year in September, to local, Read More 10 Things You Didnt Know About the 2019 Honda MonkeyContinue, Euro 5 regulations have inspired a multitude of updates in 2022, and Suzuki has not been left behind. You'll be redlining the poor thing trying to keep up with Interstate traffic. Aluminum rims keep the weight down. He became a 50 cc tuning guru and built a successful custom-parts business before co-founding Janus Motorcycles. The carburetor has custom parts made by an aerospace and medical equipment supplier. /Lang (en-US) Hard tail. Its all about the evaporative emissions, so we had to plumb a carbon canister into the crankcase breather, fuel tank, and airbox.. Started in 2011 by American co-founders Devin Biek and Richard Worsham. Dont listen to Webster: The Janus Halcyon motorcycles are way more exciting than he would have you believe. And lest you think that somehow makes Janus less of a motorcycle company, know that one of the most collectible bikes in the world, those made by British firm Brough-Superior, were made the same way. The lever arm snapped. Judy Gordon is a shipping expert at Federal Motorcycle Transport. Like other purchased components, the fuel tank is manufactured locally (the Janus supplier base consists primarily of local Amish craftsman). endobj xref Bought the 2007 Lifan 200GY5 (dual sport) new and still have it. Their Designs Are Very Much Influenced By The Past Everyone at Janus Motorcycles believes that there is much that can be learned by looking at the past. Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. From there, you can decide what extras you want to add such as saddlebags, an upgraded exhaust, or an extra seat. Some breaks and or does not work. Consequently the tree existed in two pieces, with a spring function in the middle served by multiple layers of leather tightly grafted to each end. Come join the discussion about performance modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Janus also hosts monthly "demo days" for people who want to visit the shop, test ride the bikes, then go for lunch with the founders at a local brew-pub. Its different than anything I have ridden before, including the Janus 250 I rode through Baja. While a stock bike with no upgrades will cost $6,995 to purchase, On top of your final price for the motorcycle, youll also want to consider how youd like to receive it. But when I called Royal Enfield, years ago with a suggestion based on my riding experience with their product, you better believe I was given someone to talk to, and I was called back later to see if I had any additional input. And unfortunately, Worsham told me the engine is un-upgradeable. 0000003275 00000 n Our comprehensive Janus Motorcycle Troubleshooting guide will explain common issues. endobj has been growing rapidly for nearly a decade. Janus bikes are definitely pricey and don't make sense on paper compared to other bikes. The bike is small and quick and is often used in off road racing. Their 250cc four-stroke engines are created and shipped from China. Follow more updates from MotorBiscuit on our Facebook page. They built some prototypes with those motors and liked the basic concept, but between chronic transmission problems and an uneasy relationship with Cleveland CycleWerx, the pair decided to look elsewhere for a powerplant. The resulting Halcyon 50 models were updated as each one was built. >> Its a dream job.. /E 55446 As small motorcycles, they are all, A few years later in 2015, the team at Janus upgraded to the modern version of the Halcyon, which. Faulty wire grounds are a very common problem, but can sometimes be difficult to track down. Interesting bike, but as Jay Leno says in his video about this bike, with 14 hp it is underpowered. Halcyon comes with a front suspension designed in-house by Janus. YpqNW|!- _C0V"[]-z3!hJ7*3n|+3v;%FS.&"L^DR*WJfs6,Jr)$(0YL/)QER4tyJ3V A Vincent or Brough Superior would be better benchmarks, and as Motorcycle Classics readers know, those motorcycles werent cheap, either. I live and breathe motorcycles. He swept his hand across a shelf above his desk (which was in the factory) lined with motorcycle books. Produced with joy rides in mind, people who choose motorcycles made by Janus are sure to fall in love with what they have to offer. page. /ca 1 Growing up, Andrew Komurka was a self-professed gearhead. /BleedBox [ 0 0 612 396 ] Its one of those industrial heartland, "Rust Belt" towns that becomes a political stage every election season. Brand New. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 250 ] Janus motorcycle specs depend on each model. Initially he informed me that he "pass that along", and I asked him how the hell he could do that as he didn't know what I was talking about. The process is smooth and simple, making it an easy step to getting you on the road in as little as two to three months. This small catalytic converter is welded into the exhaust pipe. 0000003015 00000 n Same as the one used in the Janus minus a few millimeters in bore size. /Flags 32 As Tim and I discovered riding Janus motorcycles to the top and bottom of North America, apparently nothing. Janus motorcycle specs depend on each model. The name fits the . Honda sold it into the developing world for decades. A post shared by Janus Motorcycles (@janusmotorcycle) on Jul 23, 2020 at 11:26am PDT. Curious what other people have had to say about Janus motorcycles? Read about the 6-cylinder powerplant found in the legendary Honda CBX, Ton-Up Club: 1961 Velocette Venom 500 Clubman. Janus photo.Although their motor was EPA-ready (meaning it burned pretty clean), actually meeting EPA emissions standards involved making a lot of custom parts for their 30 mm Keihin carb. In the 1960s, Hondas CB125 was an incredible motor, but Honda found that it was losing out to two-stroke competitors in fast-growing Third World markets. The frame was so influential, companies still make replicas today. I led a Janus ride through southern California and Baja a few years ago and people on both sides of the border wanted to know about the bikes. To accomplish that, Janus buys engines from Italian firm SWM that are assembled in China, a fuel-injected, four-valve single (don't be fooled by the two exhaust pipes, one for each exhaust valve). Every detail says vintage and ultra-high quality, but its all brand new. It turned out that Janus was running into the same problems Norton had in the 1950s. Twin polished cups ahead of the handlebars house a tach and speedo with easily read white markings on black backgrounds (think Vincent Black Shadow again). It was a bit of a learning curve for the company but one that has stood them in good stead for the way the business has progressed. /FontFile3 307 0 R My rides: 88 Harley Springer, 07 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. From our manufacturing standards, to our choice of motor (which we'll come to later in the series), to our style, we want to build a product that will look great and perform wonderfully for many many years. Sitting on it, my overall impression was one of extreme lightness and compact power. /ToUnicode 313 0 R /ItalicAngle 0 /Descent -299 This allowed it to reach a maximum speed of about 55 mph at most. Two valves actuated by pushrods. Everyone I met at the Janus factory introduced themselves with a deep smile, direct eye contact and a firm handshake. Janus photo. Janus said the two models reach a top speed of 70 mph (110 km/h) with the 14 hp (10 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 11.6 ftlb (15.7 J) @ 5,500 rpm engine. The grips have a unique texture and a comfortable, hand-filling swell. 220 0000030345 00000 n He also followed me on Pinterest, though I don't think he was aware of it, it seems we have similar taste in motorcycling apparel. Our comprehensive Janus Motorcycle repair guide will explain common issues, provide. Janus expects to sell about 250 motorcycles in 2019. While a stock bike with no upgrades will cost $6,995 to purchase, a fully loaded Janus can reach a price point of around $10,820. If the Roman god Janus exists and his standard of excellence is merging the past with the future, hed be smiling at the guys and gals in Goshen. Hate the problems with old bikes, as always the biggest problem price followed by scarcity. << The result, which he built with Worsham, was the Paragon. Janus Motorcycles co-founders, Devin Biek and Richard Worsham met through mopeds. However he does like to take on other topics involving some of his personal interests like automobiles, future technologies, and anything else that could change the world. The Janus folks rode Baja with me, we enjoyed the Baja experience, and the bikes never missed a beat. And while the 250's carburetor isn't that difficult to live with, pushing a button and heading out is easier still. On the road, Jay was also impressed with the Halcyon 250s fit and finish. The Janus folks are not dilettantes with too much time on their hands; they are riders and tinkerers, our kind of people. When you purchase a Janus motorcycle, the company want you to have some great experiences while you are riding it. We get inquiries every day from people who want to quit their jobs, move to Goshen and work here. endobj And like most of you I'm interested in how things work, it's no big secret that the halcyon 250 can get pretty rough to ride, it's the nature of the frame. Richard Worshams a designer and an architect. /SMask /None I asked Richard what it was like to work for Janus. I thought to myself this is a nice guy and a nice company and they might want to know about this this could help them. They set out to find a small, air-cooled, four-stroke motor that would clear EPA regulations and work in the Halcyon, a rigid-frame roadster inspired by old board track racers, and the Phoenix, which hearkens back to the caf racers of the 1960s. /ca 1 /Resources << /ExtGState << /GS0 303 0 R /GS1 304 0 R >> /Font << /T1_0 The welding shop where Janus frames are made is still forbidden from connecting to the electrical grid. Nearly all components of these first models were made within a few miles of the shop in Goshen. There are exclusive savings for those of you that place your order for a new Janus 250, and good times are had by all. /OP true Ive ridden other motorcycles with this engine here and in China, and it is a solid and reliable power plant. 0000044889 00000 n The team is able to produce their motorcycles in anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks after it has been ordered. It can be a great source of inspiration if you are thinking of taking a road trip on your bike. HDQL[eEn\Bn?kY!+PmG`e`,Aee&:[,3 But, by The two of them began the journey to starting the motorcycle brand by first repairing and restoring mopeds as part of a previous business. They ended up meeting the guy who imported (and held the EPA paperwork) for Cleveland CycleWerx. Currently, Janus Motorcycles offers 3 bikes: the Halcyon 250, the Phoenix 250, and the Gryffin 250. Even with this growth, Janus Motorcycles continues to provide the. Theyd manage to build and sell a few bikes and use all that revenue to buy the next batch of parts. Richard told me wanted the smaller Halcyon 250s hardtail look. Glad to see you back, I figured you were stuck in the mud on one of your gambler runs. 211 S 5th St, Goshen, IN 46528 It looks very innovative but with a proven engine, which means a lot to me. It had a small, 50cc two-stroke engine that allowed for about 10 horsepower. One might be tempted to call Janus the Rolls Royce of motorcycles, but I doubt that the top person at Rolls personally signs off on every automobile they make. As such, they don't get a lot of miles. /Subtype /Type1C /CapHeight 625 Janus photo. Photo by Mark Gardiner. To address the issue, Biek and Worsham personally visited every single one of the 40-50 50cc owners, which included someone in Russia, to remove the gusset. /Ascent 1006 I enjoyed my ride enormously. Also, Harley Davidsons have not always had the best reputation for reliability, either. Tim bought his Janus in 2019 when an ad popped up on his social media feed. /H [ 988 1394 ] Ever since then, the Africa Twin has maintained a stalwart following of dedicated fans. The engine is also not made in the US. /Type /Font This is no surprise to me. We're Affordable! Motorcycles are typically completed eight to 12 weeks later. Janus wants the rider to be able to maintain and repair their cycle without an engineering degree. Janus truly is an Indiana motorcycle company. The seating position is simultaneously comfortable and regal. /StemV 132 300 0 obj [7] Janus claims an EPA-calculated fuel economy of 77 miles per gallon. The bike weighs a scant 350 pounds, unheard of these days for a street motorcycle (when I started riding more than 50 years ago a Triumph Bonneville weighed 363 pounds; the Halcyon 450 undercuts that). Judy has personally arranged transportation for over 10,000 satisfied customers. I use pliers to open and close it. A few times per year the team at Janus hosts an event they call Discovery Days where people from all over the country can visit them in Goshen, IN and learn more about their motorcycles. Everyone at Janus Motorcycles believes that there is much that can be learned by looking at the past. In the United States, testing is farmed out to a handful of approved labs. And they still had not cleared two big hurdles: EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification. And Janice offered all of us who feel that way something. endstream /CharSet (/zero/one/two/three/four/five/six/seven/eight/nine) It transports you to another era without worrying about the problems that come with riding an antique bike. Halcyon 250 The very first model created by Janus was known as the Halcyon 50. How much faster do you want to go on a daily basis?. Even with this growth, Janus Motorcycles continues to provide the personal touch that isnt seen from most other companies out there. /Flags 32 /Filter /FlateDecode #janusmotorcycles, A post shared by Janus Motorcycles (@janusmotorcycle) on Jan 21, 2020 at 7:46am PST. 2. The EPA tests cars on its own, but it does not run a motorcycle test facility. As the company has grown then more employees have been taken on but it is still a relatively small team. Dropping the 5-speed transmission down to 4th kicks it up to 5,500rpm, where the engine is starting to enter its comfort zone. Several different companies still make versions that are generally known as CG250s, keeping the Honda-esque designation, although Honda never made such a motor. /FirstChar 48 It was developed and is manufactured by Shineray (pronounced shin-you-way in the Ancient Kingdom) and SWM in Italy. While we tend to stick mostly to covering older motorcycles around here, weve kept an eye on new-to-market, retro-styled motorcycles like the Royal Enfield. The Amish arrived in Northern Indiana in the 19th century. With the exception of some of the electronics, most of the parts that are used on their bikes come from with 20 miles of their factory. The dictionary says Halcyon means calm, peaceful, tranquil, happy and blissful. Each bike takes about 5-6 weeks to build, with the Halcyon 250 The style of Janus motorcycles has been referred to as vintage, classic, and retro. She has over 10 years experience as a motorcycle shipper. /BM /Normal We still have a lot of traditional artisans, saddle makers etc. They are based in the USA and their founders had worked in the motorcycle business for a while before starting their own company. /FontFile3 312 0 R I am living a dream, he said with a huge smile. /L 861271 My problem with Janus motorcycles, why I'm probably getting another Royal Enfield. They even throw in lunch and coffee. >> Read More 10 Tips on How to Start a Motorcycle ClubContinue, Honda made the announcement that there is going to be a new release in 2019. https://clevelandcyclewerks.com/cleveland-bikes, https://www.janusmotorcycles.com/journal/2018/10/17/bulletproof-the-heritage-of-the-janus-250-engine, Air-cooled 167fmm Motorcycle Engine Cg250 With Balance Shaft - Buy 250cc Motorcycle Engine,Used Motorcycle Engines,Motorcycle Engine With Balance Shaft Product on Alibaba.com, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. /BaseFont /ALBHPG+FreightSansProMedium-Regular To give you a range of what you can expect to pay, we can take a look at the difference between a stock bike and one with all the bells and whistles. /Contents 314 0 R Wondering who makes Janus motorcycles? The bishops in northern Indiana have allowed their communities to improve production capabilities to serve the demand of those big RV builders. It was announced in January 2018 that they have been given the approval of the EPA in 49 states. The final number depends on the bike you choose, the customizations that are added, and whether you decide to pick it up in person or have it shipped. We have updated our Privacy Policy. %PDF-1.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 "They certify motorcycles. That meant Janus had to pass emissions tests with their own carburetor and exhaust. Its equipped to move from highway to two-track, and everything in between. The very first model created by Janus was known as the Halcyon 50. /Type /FontDescriptor Hate the problems with old bikes, as always the biggest problem price followed by scarcity. If youve been thinking about buying a new Janus motorcycle, this complete guide is the perfect place to start! >> Amongst the Amish, religious restrictions on the use of technology vary from district to district. stream >> If so, a good way to share some camaraderie and learn more about your passion is to start a motorcycle club. But my primary reason was to ride that, Do everything like your life depends on it. Theres plenty of power and the overall impression is one of lightness and balance in looks, handling, sound, quality and feel. Janus Motorcycles are, simply put, made to stand the test of time. It sounds like their quality control is atrocious, from bad paint, shoddy wiring, breaking cables, and engines that are high maintenance/repair. The name fits the company well; Janus was the Roman god of doors, transitions, the past and the future. It Took Two Years For This Model To Be Released, 3. A post shared by Janus Motorcycles (@janusmotorcycle) on Jul 16, 2020 at 11:52am PDT, One example came from The New York Times who commented on the classic look of Janus bikes saying they make motorcycles with one foot in the future and one in the past., Revzilla said their overall impression of both motorcycles was they are a blast to ride., But one of the most fitting motorcycles reviews for Janus came from Good Spark Garage who said, A bike that conjures up the joy of motorcycling isnt the sharply-aerodynamic, grossly-overpowered modern motorcycle; its a bike like the pared-down Halcyon or Phoenix that creates an experience for the rider, an evocation of a simpler time.. Janus photo. Tell us what you love or what we need to fix. You come see us at Janus HQ. Their reasoning has been due to previous struggles with getting other engines to pass EPA regulations. Check out the custom parts on this city-slick #HDStreet750. /T 855143 The Beeline Moto navigation and Sena Momentum Evo helmet. To this day, Janus buys assembled carbs, takes each one apart, and fits a bunch of proprietary components. There's no assembly line. In addition, this might be Janus's first-ever fuel-injected motorcycle, but you couldn't tell by how smooth and responsive the throttle is. The look, to me, says Brough Superior, and polished side panels are optional. 0000004694 00000 n Like most of you also I like to tinker, do my own repairs and my own maintenance. One of the Halcyon 450s I saw during my visit was a gorgeous custom purple. /TrimBox [ 0 0 612 396 ] >> stream All those shops are operated by Amish communes. These bikes specialize in traversing everything from winding roads to city streets. 526 826 665 749 591 749 613 568 599 658 620 916 0 597 581 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 /BM /Normal << For those who ever need help with transporting their new motorcycle, our team is here to help! Kawasaki made history in 2022 by launching its first electric bicycle, the 2023 Kawasaki Elektrode. Motorcycle Classics Magazine Featuring the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made! /SMask /None These bikes also had another issue: the water-cooled design, /S 3336 For those of you who are unsure as to what a tree, a treeis what a saddle is built on, the bones of a saddle. How much are Janus motorcycles? This is what motorcycles used to be when motorcycles gave a damn. We have listed several dates for the first half of the year on our website. Jay did remark that the hardtail Halcyon, with its sprung seat, might take some getting-used-to. Garrett by trade is a personal finance freelance writer and journalist. I fully understand the trepidation over the Chinese engine; but I can also easily recall the days when "****" was the operative word for anything Japanese-built -- anything. I called last week, talk to a very nice young woman. If you're looking for help fixing your Janus Motorcycle, look no further! In 2017 Janus introduced the Gryffin 250, a scrambler-style motorcycle with off-road capability that speaks to us above the rest.With a 14-horsepower engine it can reach a top speed of 70 mph. Photo by Mark Gardiner. 8TEQ'=k[h$P^r*Muiv|-! /StemV 80 16 Good Beginner Motorcycles What Are Good Motorcycles for Beginners. They drive one-horsepower vehicles powered by an actual horse. motorcycling probably seems a little frivolous. That may seem odd to say when Then again, CPI didn't just supply them the engines, CCW got. She informed me that Richard is who I needed to speak to I'm fully aware that he's one of the owners. A post shared by Janus Motorcycles (@janusmotorcycle), Electric Dirt Bike Brands Best Electric Motocross Bike & Trail Bike Brands [2023], PA Motorcycle Registration Guide to Registration, Title Transfer & PA Motorcycle Inspection, California Motorcycle Registration Guide How to Register a Motorcycle in CA with or without a Title. If theres a meaningful comparison to be made, a used Sportster isnt the standard by which a Janus should be judged. /ID [<5448dd8e7e20322695281be50495ba64><5448dd8e7e20322695281be50495ba64>] Ive ridden other motorcycles with the Shineray 450 engine in China that are 150 pounds heavier, and they easily hit 90mph. [i4Fk(Z R]vxQ9Ih"N#Y93#GS9R,La+ X|` j Its hard to argue with what works, and the Halcyon 450s rear frame, fender, and suspension add greatly to the motorcycles vintage appearance. Janus Motorcycles, First Impressions & Experiences. Janus wants the rider to be able to maintain and repair their cycle without an engineering degree. In the case of the shop though, it's OK to run the welders and lights off a huge diesel generator that's running out back. The 2022 Suzuki Burgman 400 comes with a worked-over motor, a more powerful engine, and new rider, Read More A Closer Look at The 2022 Suzuki Burgman 400Continue. 0000002877 00000 n But many other buyers commit essentially sight-unseen. The first dates we've listed: FEBRUARY 22, MARCH 21, APRIL 25, MAY 16, JUNE 27 Book your date here: www.janusmotorcycles.com/discoverydays If you're new to Janus or Discovery Days, here's the quick rundown. I was scooting through town on my V7 racer and happened upon a few older 2 stroke Vespas, a scooter that looked somewhat cushman like, and an old looking bike parked under some trees. Also, the Halcyon 450 doesn't suffer from the same somewhat vague clutch as the 250. 14 horsepower. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. All three models share the same 14-horsepower motor, so their performance is unintimidating. Her personal attention to each motorcycle transport customer sets Federal apart from the rest. We lost the pedals and opted for a 50cc 6-speed motorcycle engine. Around Goshen, 70 mph is more than fast enough. The engine is a fuel-injected single with four valves, a single overhead cam, dry sump lubrication, and air and oil cooling. Janus even offers extra gear in their online shop such as riding gloves, jackets, helmets, bags, posters, branded apparel, and other accessories. Yet build a fancy front end. Luckily, a functionally identical motor was available from several different manufacturers. Janus' bikes are arguably the closest thing to a modern classic bike you can buy today. Having ridden a Halcyon 250 myself, I can confirm that the bike /FirstChar 28 I found something like 20 distinct versions on Alibaba. And when it inevitably needed repairs, he rode it into Bieks shop. But at least, like the early Harleys, these engines are simple and can be worked on by the average wrench-turner, unlike so many, many modern bikes. Our Gryffin 250 is a simple, durable, and lightweight scrambler made for thrilling everyday escapes, on-road and off. Our Baja expedition was a blast and the motorcycles performed magnificently. trailer They Source Most Of Their Components Locally, 5. Jay notes that the Halcyon isnt exactly a highway motorcycle. When asked what companies inspire them, Worsham and Biek suggest the U.K.s Morgan Motor Company, which makes sports cars that have hardly changed since the 1930s. /ItalicAngle 0 However, these design choices aren't limitations. . Like most of you I think Janus is a lovely looking set of motorcycles, I love their small company, I love that it's set right in their hometown. The engine they picked was still a two-stroke, and only 50cc, but water-cooled. Its a design Anyone interested in buying a Janus motorcycle can. >> In 2018, I pitched a Baja ride to Janus Motorcycles, and recognizing a good thing when he saw it, Grant Longenbaugh (then the Janus Director of Marketing) made it happen. >> Its a far cry from what happened with the Drako GTE supercar. /OP false Janus Motorcycles is a manufacturer of hand-made, small-displacement bikes that harken back to. Their business mentors are small-town and ag-industry entrepreneurs whose values are the opposite of the get-big-fast, move-fast-and-break-things, venture-capital vogue. Produced with joy rides in mind, people who choose motorcycles made by Janus are sure to fall in love with what they have to offer. Please, Janus Motorcycles Halcyon and Phoenix 250 first ride reviews. I think, compared to how motorcycles are used in a lot of countries, American These motorcycles prompt conversations wherever they go. >> To give you a range of what you can expect to pay, we can take a look at the difference between a stock bike and one with all the bells and whistles. The starting price is $6,995. 309 0 obj Checking all of the grounds on your motorcycle can be done quickly if you know where they all are. They currently make three models. We have a team of professionals ready to help. couldnt find an American supplier that could manufacture such an engine. Their charge for shipping to anywhere in the United States is $700. HliPTWT:i(#KDDPDEDmYM5A[J31t-#1D0HVpKTL:Oc}d>L/?{8Oq3bg)f . This is a design that Motorcycle Classics reports helped the storied British company win multiple Isle of Man TT races. Does a Janus Motorcycle Sound Like the Ride for You? Every single bike they sell is. /Differences [ 28 /nbspace /zero.lnum /five.lnum /two.lnum ] And, as Jay Leno reported, these bikes are definitely desirable. One thing led to another, I was soon chatting with Tim, and he told me more. The time has come! 0000003663 00000 n However, Janus Motorcycles /FontStretch /Normal Ryan is hard at work in the shop and enjoying that leftover holiday magic that we cant bring ourselves to take down! Buying a Janus is a bespoke proposition. We buy you coffee, croissants, take a shop tour, do test rides, hang out, and then walk to lunch at Goshen Brewing Company and buy you BBQ and a drink! 0000008727 00000 n As small motorcycles, they are all designed for an enjoyable experience rather than for size or specification. 0000002741 00000 n Building a machine from scratch is hard, with engines being a particularly expensive expenditure. It came standard with a 6-speed gearbox, a low tank, and wide-set handlebars. To be fair, this simplicity does come at a price. Their time in the moped industry led to strong vendor relationships that have blossomed into partnerships as they create new motorcycles. However I think, unlike a lot of you, I'm from Kentucky. Honda set out to build the CG125, a four-stroke as simple to keep running as a two-stroke. /Linearized 1 JavaScript is disabled. In the coming weeks, if all goes . 0000000017 00000 n Carve the canyons of the urban grid. Weighing just 263 lbsabout 200 lbs less than a Triumph Scramblerwith a 33 inch seat height and 80 inch length, the Gryffin might be the perfect adventure bike for just about anyone looking to go . These bikes top out at 70 mph and only make about 14.5 hp. If Janus makes it where Buell, Brammo, Motus, and Alta (to name just a few) have failed, it may be because they grew out of a moped shop. With the Halcyons dramatically lower weight, I suspect this machine could top 100mph with a tooth or two difference on either sprocket, not that the ability to do so is important. /FontWeight 500 I called back, I understand that this is an employee, I spoke to the nice woman again the one who had even recommended that I speak to Richard. But local church elders, who have a lot of latitude, have ruled that it is OK if arc welders, tube-bending machines, and lights are powered by a huge diesel generator out behind the shop. Weve delivered over a thousand Janus 250 motorcycles, Grant said, and we have orders for three hundred 450 Halcyons. Each Janus 450 build is documented in a digital photo album provided to the owner as the bike comes together. Everyone here loves motorcycles. Devin Biek ran a moped shop that catered to Notre Dame students. 312 0 obj Janus Motorcycles' lineup. Janus truly is an Indiana motorcycle company. Photo by Mark Gardiner. The Janus Phoenix is one of three models, along with the Halcyon and the Gryffin. Janus motorcycles are not restorations or resurrections of brands gone by; they are current production motorcycles that take styling and engineering cues from the past. Tim pulled the trigger and subsequently rode his new Janus 250 from South Dakota to the Janus owners rally in Goshen. . The motorcycle is approved in all 50 states. /FontBBox [ -198 -269 1211 996 ] On pricing, its understandable that some will cringe at spending $8,400 for a 250cc motorcycle or $13,500 for a 450cc motorcycle, but you cant argue with success (people get on a list, pay a hefty deposit, and then wait six to eight months to get a Janus 450). Our approach has been to empower our riders to do their own work, but if a customer doesnt want to, well set them up with a local shop and well take care of any warranty expenses. Janus provided and I examined the Halcyon 450 Owners Manual; in my judgment it is excellent. With a few personal tests, the team at Janus has cleared this up a bit by saying it is usually closer to 50 60 mpg. Theres a map in the shop, with a pin identifying every buyer, and theres a concentration of buyers in the upper Midwest/Great Lakes region. Buy It Now. /ViewerPreferences << /Direction /L2R >> 301 0 obj The moped still hangs in the companys headquarters today. They set their sights low, and unlike so many startups, theyre determined to operate within their means. fear of god nike fog - www.janusmotorcycles.com >> Honda dispatched a couple of engineers to places like Brazil and Pakistan, where they were aghast to learn that small motorcycles received no maintenance at all; they were just used until they broke, at which point the simplicity of a piston-port two-stroke was a real selling point. /Descent -269 << The main building is next to the Goshen police department. While the company is still fairly small with about 9 total employees, it is seeing relevant growth in the specific style and type of bikes they produce. startxref /BaseFont /ALBHPG+FreightNeoProBold-Regular I called today I didn't speak to the nice woman, I spoke to a man who within about 5 minutes time informed me that Richard didn't have time to speak to me that Richard wouldn't be interested. Although modern bikes have gotten faster and more refined, theyve also grown larger and more complicated. :sQ$ :zS(u#9+T;X Symptoms of a bad ground can range from a completely dead bike to electrical components working intermittently. The final inspection of finished motorcycles ready to be shipped to customers. Amish craftsmen make the aluminum fuel tank, steel frame, and leather seat by hand. However, they're also at least a hundred pounds lighter than most modern motorcycles. And thats Janus Motorcycles. From there, the two developed a friendship that eventually spawned a business partnership. I think like most people here I'm just a motorcycle enthusiast, I love old bikes. Harley-Davidson, Janus was able to make the engine 50-state emissions-legal. The man-to-motorcycle interface feels superb. Discovery Days are a great way for fans of Janus Motorcycles to find out more about the company. Theres a place in the market for these motorcycles and Janus is meeting it. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 241 0 0 0 0 0 0 613 611 660 689 552 536 670 684 291 480 641 After the bunting is taken down, and the thousand folding chairs are cleared from that sprawling factory floor, senior managers are going to look at quarterly results and move that production to Malaysia, anyway. W AK| k ; oP^%R PV`[email protected]@O(P vTkxHB/s%7ArP9i0E53d!mr.r>*_Fso$YwW}F5)Dhcx % G They are beautiful bikes, love the simplicity, mechanical rolling art. All its bikes are powered by the same 229cc air-cooled carbureted single-cylinder, for one. (574) 538-1350. 305 0 obj /O 302 endobj They believe that when you are riding a smaller bike you are not overcome by the power of the machine and this gives you a better chance to appreciate your surroundings. I'm not sure what's up with them, but I've not seen too many happy Cleveland customers. Apart from the powertrain, shocks, tires, and some of the lighting and electrical components, all the parts are made in the US. Tim did it all on his own, riding solo, with no external support and a cell phone that lost service the instant he crossed the Canadian border. It. It had a small, 50cc two-stroke engine that allowed for about 10 horsepower. This revolutionary company has brought back many aspects that made classic motorcycles so popular while also bringing their own signature flair to the industry. The boosted engine also came with a newly designed frame style to accommodate the change. Photo by Mark Gardiner.After my visit, I was impressed with what the founders, Devin Biek and Richard Worsham, have accomplished with a small, dedicated group of employees and a unique supply chain. That's often an acceptable tradeoff. The burgeoning industry has faced some challenges including getting, Whether youre new to Pennsylvania, buying a new bike, or buying a used motorcycle in PA or out of state, you have a limited amount, Excited about buying a used motorcycle youve had your eye on? Think Vincent, Brough Superior, BMW and old-world hand-built craftsmanship, all wrapped up in a contemporary motorcycle. /op true /Type /Catalog The first model to be released by the company was the Halycon 50 which had a six speed gear box. 30,299 views Apr 12, 2020 480 Dislike Share Foxxy 7.38K subscribers Hello everyone, as you can tell by the. Building a machine from scratch is hard, with engines being a particularly expensive expenditure. /Widths [ 577 343 457 437 523 429 516 456 507 516 ] Interesting you bring up Cleveland Cycle Werks (CCW). The bike wants to rev; it has a 10,000rpm redline but only runs a modest 4,500rpm at 60mph in top gear. /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 396 ] Here are ten facts that you may not know about Janus Motorcycles. And each Janus is built around a frame derived from a 50s British design. And well hear a lot of politicians railing against China. working with S&S Cycles, the same firm that builds engines for During my recent visit to Goshen, I noticed a photo of another Janus adventure rider, Tim Hullinger, on his Halcyon 250 in Deadhorse, Alaska. Firstly, the Janus Halcyon 250, like the rest of the company's motorcycles, isn't just hand-assembled. MC. 0000002382 00000 n Federal Motorcycle Transport has helped relocate more than 5,000 bikes over the years, making us the most reliable and trustworthy company in the industry. Anyway never occured to me that this nice man who had spoken to me only a few years ago wouldn't have time for me especially since it's a small company and that he actually had a conversation with me last time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Gallery: Janus Halcyon 450. with water pump and radiator, was more complicated to work on. As with the Grom, Janus bikes arent for every rider. Had zero problems until about 50,000 miles when the oil pump chain started getting loose and making noise. /Length 2410 They Put A Greater Emphasis On Experience Than Performance, 9. Richard personally road tests every 450 and it doesnt leave Goshen until Richard knows it is perfect. These days include a tour of the facilities and the chance to meet the staff that work there. I didn't expect to speak to him immediately , I understand that he's busy. /OPM 0 << Were about to hear another round of politicians claiming theyll bring manufacturing back, and those speeches will be held in big plants that employ thousands of workers. This Halcyon model has optional leather saddlebags and "leg covers." "One spark plug, one carburetor, two valve adjustments, and a quick oil change process," the Janus website says. The application process is easy and secure. Theres no assembly line; a technician puts a frame on a stand and turns a collection of major components into a motorcycle over a few hours. The Heart of Janus Motorcycles Some will be quick to point out that this engine comes from China and indeed, it does. 5 Photos. being the most popular model. At the same time that they upgraded the Halcyon, Janus also came out with a new model which they named the Phoenix 250. Each one is custom made to order with the precise customizations, colors, and other specifications requested by the buyer. Brembo brakes are on both wheels (with single piston rear and twin piston front calipers). endstream The 74-year-old Irishman was riding a 900SS as part of Ducatis celebration of Mike Hailwoods historic comeback in the 1978 F1TT. 0000005718 00000 n eR.+'\HF$'lP!jfspJ^W4C&;f"LTYXAt&,L:aF[TH( '0A*H;7$5%)H#+q:\?a73a~ ^{L5*)SRt$Rlz UVkyd-) @kS2q $A* 80L - ,"s;]A) -* `AO#P^hT}T2+xU7Mr^>A good, simple machine. KyO9gw4eVp -.)R\Scy~:@L=d"$=mNrfF%ONx-6dv"sbWJuYr^s^oYRrx9;mC%6x)>A>/ Jd[3r'OV'^ 4D)Nm#[email protected]`$j*F!=k?06af07W#EWQgaGgn_.a?3KUzhH]RNSnzX:(}[[email protected]|rElA (}Q%?CQ-^Q}cCisRg.\Z;t'$niV~g'@'a,n& b]U\-$m>Ls0 }=fdcUVkOt/l`TP#q~-Eo ,L.srWY[>3=);X8]b7i?%8z\9Yv&18Ia,fp}!%[email protected]}rf 9> ; .kEE+'#" }G o Named after the Roman god of time, Janus motorcycles are designed to remember the past while looking to the future. Janus receives the parts, then hand-assembles and hand-paints each bike. Janus reports the engine is actually an evolution of an early Honda engine, designed to be as simple as possible for use in places like South American jungles. /AIS false While they started off their production with the original Halcyon model, the team at Janus Motorcycles has since added two more options into the mix. We offer in-house full-service financing in partnership with ThunderRoad Financial. A few of the customizations Janus motorcycles offer include: While the frame and most other components are manufactured in the United States, the engine is one of the few pieces that is produced internationally. The Kentucky spring seat saddle was a 19th century engineering marvel, in a small package. Their charge for shipping to anywhere in the United States is $700. Email this Business. Buyers have the option to pick up the bike at the Janus location in Goshen, IN or to have the. A third building houses administrative functions a block away. On the dealer question, we have a two-year warranty on the 450 and a four-year warranty on the 250. xc```b``A\c&A PR2(2 /CropBox [ 0 0 612 396 ] F.4t287 ]vZw~;v0rh!!p'bg I think I'm going to have to buy a RE this year. S&S also handled the testing for the California Air Resources Board certification, which is more stringent. 0000005580 00000 n The board-tracker especially has a distinctively American look, and they would have loved to source an American motor, but there simply isnt one. I watched the Janus guys interact with various Amish suppliers and its clear the ex-moped kids genuinely like and respect the bearded Amish dudes (even though their beliefs prohibit Amish craftsmen from ever riding the motorcycles they help to make.) In an update posted on March 3, 2022, we get a closer look at frame and swingarm production, which is steadily ramping up. I see that Jay Leno invited the Janus guys over to show their machines off on his show. I was reminded of that as Richard Worsham told me the the origin story of the now-ubiquitous CG250 motor. Janus motorcycle reliability is high and the bikes are indestructible. How basically anyone could maintain and/or customize them; and, as with the Grom, how fun they could be. Janus says they have a pretty comprehensive quality control process so perhaps they've cracked how to get engines from China and not have them to be ticking bombs. There was a concern that the two stroke engines that were originally used would not adhere to the EPA pollution limits. /Length 276 The company wanted to make sure that everything was perfect with this model before it was released and development of the bike took two years. This motorcycle was built in our Goshen, Indiana facility and is the product of Janus Motorcycle's use of traditional engineering and design, highly skilled craftsmen, and our continued pursuit of exceptional reliability, safety, and panache. Goshens practically a suburb of South Bend, home of Democratic Presidential hopeful "Mayor Pete" Buttigeig. Air-cooling means no radiator, thermostat, or water pump; the carburetor means no complicated fuel injection system. For $7,000 you can have a luxury hand-made motorcycle, if youre only willing to change your perception of performance, Worsham says. $346.27. Royal Enfields are so cheap in my area. 306 0 obj With a racer seat and grand-prix lines, it has attracted riders who want a more modern style. Their thought process is that there is little point in trying to design something new when the designs from the past work so well. Worsham told me, when I visited Janus Motorcycles in 2018, that some of the early bikes had issues with the headstock cracking. /LastChar 57 Only a handful of upgrades were available at the time such as saddlebags. But similar to the Halcyon and Phoenix, it still possesses the standard double-cradle frame. 3 Likes Mustangman September 3, 2019, 12:00pm #15 Not to mention expensive: the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide costs more than a new 5.0-liter Mustang GT. Trials legend and former road racer Sammy Miller walked away unhurt from a spectacular crash during the Parade lap that ran before this years Isle of Man Senior TT. The tanks angled surfaces look as if they are cosmetic, but Richard explained they are necessary for the tanks structural integrity. A forum community discussing all bikes from Harley Davidson to Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Yamaha, and BMW. Based on the success of that ride, Tim knew the Janus 250 would make Deadhorse and he aimed the front wheel at Alaska. The Gryffin 250 is a scrambler bike that has off road capabilities. 0 This helps them maintain the ethos of a local, friendly business that they have worked so hard to create. Ikon componentry handles suspension duties. Every single bike they sell is manufactured by hand on-site at their location in Goshen, IN. Read More A Closer Look at the 2023 Kawasaki ElektrodeContinue. The same things that draw people to classic trucks and SUVs also draw them to classic motorcycles. Janus was another perfect choice for me, it's simple and made so that you can do your own maintenance. At the moment, a lot of sales have that kind of face-to-face character. Started in 2011 by American co-founders Devin Biek and Richard Worsham, Janus Motorcycles has been growing rapidly for nearly a decade. luggage racks, leather saddlebags, and a hand-pinstriped fuel tank, among other In addition to the Halcyon (by far the bestseller) and the Phoenix, they now offer the Gryffin (shown in the company video below), which is styled to resemble a 1960s scrambler. I spoke to him some years ago when looking at the halcyon 250 then, nice man. Instead, it comes, with the transmission, from a Chinese supplier. These bikes specialize in traversing everything from winding roads to city streets. For those who ever need help with transporting their new motorcycle, our team is here to help! /Size 320 But the guys at Janus will stay in Goshen and move heaven and earth to make their venture work. Turn signals, horn, starter, high-beam flash, and kill switches are in familiar spots. stream The nearest thing to a Janus thats made by a major motorcycle manufacturer is Suzukis TU250X, which sells for less than $5,000. . Ultimately I'm just a person who likes the company, very small company competing with giants, who just wanted to pass along some information I thought was helpful I'm not trying to sell them a saddle, I'm not a leather worker. This allowed it to reach a maximum speed of about 55 mph at most. /ToUnicode 308 0 R Here's the thing though I own a Royal Enfield, do I wish it was the current model of what I have, sure. I rode the Halcyon 450 around Goshen to get a feel for the bike and I like it. The bike achieves an artful blend of the past with the present and it all just feels right. I would love to see one in person. /AIS false I read this story some time ago. /Filter /FlateDecode The boosted engine also came with a newly designed frame style to accommodate the change. Their manufacturing and sales site located in the small city of Goshen, IN rolled its first motorcycle off the lot in 2013. Its not been a problem for us, he said. Just enough engine vibration gets through to let you know you are riding a big single, and the rear suspension and coil-spring-mounted leather seat make for an easy ride. The Halcyons lightness, its maneuverability, its narrowness and its comfort impressed me. Buyers have the option to pick up the bike at the Janus location in Goshen, IN or to have the motorcycle shipped directly to their driveway. Curious what other people have had to say about Janus motorcycles? Janus motorcycles are built by hand to order. . But the rest of the motorcycle the frame, bodywork, saddle, axles and countless bits and bobs is made within about 20 miles of Goshen. Through our experience manufacturing performance parts including handlebars, exhaust systems, intakes, clutch upgrades, sprockets, seats, and fuel tanks, we had built up a healthy network of local craftsmen and suppliers here in the heart of American manufacturing. Each one is made with care to ensure the highest quality is achieved, providing value to the owner for years to come. With a few personal tests, the team at Janus has cleared this up a bit by saying it is usually closer to 50 60 mpg. AROUND THE WORLD ON A MOTORCYCLE, 1928-1936, The Top Gun Motorcycle: 1985 Kawasaki GPZ900R. Biek and Worsham founded Janus Motorcycles because of their keen interest in small, displaced bikes that are lightweight and easy to ride. %%EOF 0000000872 00000 n With mentions of the above finery built into a Janus motorcycle, it's no surprise that the price becomes a polarizing topic. /FontDescriptor 311 0 R The pricing for all three Janus motorcycle models starts at $6,995. endobj Every motorcycle is gem-like in its construction. Theyve received a wide variety of positive reviews for their top-quality bikes, earning them a strong reputation among their fans. Grant took us on the grand tour. You feel the engine but in a good way that makes for a more intimate bond with the motorcycle. 0000044847 00000 n Janus Motorcycles But at that point, it was still a hand-to-mouth operation. The Janus Motorcycle Halcyon 450 is certainly something I like having in my garage. The EPA doesnt certify motors, Richard said. The process is smooth and simple, making it an easy step to getting you on the road in as little as two to three months. If you're looking for help fixing your Janus Motorcycle, look no further! I can honestly say I've never been treated so rudely over the phone in my entire life. things. We cant wait to watch Jay take a Janus Halcyon 250 out for a spin! >> Twin polished stainless steel downswept exhaust pipes and mufflers give the Halcyon 450 a symmetric and classic appearance. It came standard with a 6-speed gearbox, a low tank, and wide-set handlebars. Along with the Gryffin and Phoenix, the really only possible because the bikes are so light, but it virtually eliminates And although the Harley-Davidson Street 750 is only about $600 more, its heavier, more complicated, and more expensive to live with. /Encoding 310 0 R /CA 1 Worsham and Biek estimate that their current network of suppliers, and facility, could support a production run of about 500 per year. endobj and faster. /SA true And theres more to the story: Tim likes his 250 so much that as soon as Janus announced the Halcyon 450, he bought one. /Type /Page /FontDescriptor 306 0 R Janus photo. Riding a bike immerses you in driving much more than you would find in any other type of vehicle. #HarleyDavidson, A post shared by Harley-Davidson (@harleydavidson) on Dec 16, 2019 at 9:17am PST. 310 0 obj After that, the duo wanted to make a bike with an actual transmission, and a different engine. /Ascent 996 Just as the Halcyon 250's engine was a descendant of the Honda CB125's powerplant, the new . 319 0 obj However, he also found it no more uncomfortable than most motorcycles. The two started restomodding vintage two-stroke mopeds. So, for the next The Heart of Janus Motorcycles Some will be quick to point out that this engine comes from China and indeed, it does. /FontBBox [ -196 -299 1349 1006 ] << /Length 930 while also bringing their own signature flair to the industry. All use a variation of Janus version of the Featherbed frame. 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